DAIS ITA: 3D Network Diagram Installation

DAIS Wall Design [DRAFT]-01.png

We recently worked with Prof Alun Preece who is the UK academic lead for the DAIS ITA programme, Co-Director of the Crime & Security Research Insitute and Deputy Head of the School of Computer Science and Informatics, along with Dave Braines, Chief Technology Officer for Emerging Technology, IBM Research UK to produce a 3D installation at the group’s office in Cardiff.

The International Technology Alliance in Distributed Analytics and Information Science (DAIS ITA) is a joint US/UK research programme set up to unlock the potential of “big data” and “fast data” in front line situations, where people and computer systems need to collaborate in a coalition of multiple agencies. The DAIS group brings together colleagues from Cardiff University’s College of Engineering and Physical Sciences with specialist expertise in artificial intelligence, machine learning, social computing, signal processing, and distributed computing.

The group work in a large, modern open-plan office space at Cardiff University, the brief was to develop physical branding to clearly demarcate the group’s section. Being a partnership with multiple universities and major corporations we didn’t feel a generic logo design was the way to go and so opted to create a multi-layered, unique 3D visualisation representing genuine data. In place of a traditional logo we created a simple modern text logo of the group’s accronym ‘DAIS’ which was produced in 3D to add shadows and highlights to the design. The group’s tag line was produced in stand-off vinyl lettering and then below this was a brief overview of the group’s research printed directly onto a large vinyl wall covering.

Prof Preece and Dave Braines were an absolute pleasure to work with and invested so much thought, time and energy into generating the data and outputting it, even creating a bespoke piece of software which could be manipulated to produce a manageable number of data points to create the network diagram.

Each node on the diagram represents a research paper output and the network lines between nodes represent co-authorship. The diagram was reproduced using a variety of materials. We sourced brushed steel, round-headed pins to symbolize the nodes and connected the network with strong, sleek chord in burgundy, rust and ochre so that the diagram was clearly visible against the dark grey vinyl.

You can find out more about the DAIS ITA project via their website, which was also designed by us: www.csri-dais.org